Prepare to Protect 

How should you prepare for your law-enforcement physical ability test? How long will it take? Where do you start? Training properly is critical!

LEPAT Inc has partnered with Leo Fitness to create a training guide specifically designed to help you pass your test.  Whether it be the PARE, POPAT, COPAT, SOPAT, ORPAT, ARPAT, or any of the other tests we have developed that are used in various parts of the Canada and the USA, our training guides will get you moving in the right direction and on the road to achieving the level of fitness required to be successful.

Prepare to Protect is the tool you need to help you achieve the level of fitness required to pass you physical abilities test!  Save hundreds of dollars over a personal trainer (often billing at $100.00 per session!) by purchasing our Prepare to Protect training program which guides you through exercises and techniques with detailed instruction, photos, and video links.  As a bonus for purchasing the Prepare to Protect training guide, you'll get a 16-week training program for FREE - just select the free item at checkout!

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"Prepare to Protect" fitness training guide for POPAT and PARE with Bonus 16 week plan. $109.00 each

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"Thank you for helping me achieve a better score (COPAT).  I'll be back for the PARE soon!"

Isaac B.  (Feb. 2016)


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