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Q. How much does it cost?
A. Testing centers set their own rates.  Normally practices tests are about 70-75$ and official test are around 90$.

Q. How do I pay?
A. All payments are now processed through testing center websites using a secure and easy payment system with a credit card.

Q. I am taking an official test for the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency).  Is there anything specific I need to know?

A. YES! CBSA has recently changed their administrative requirments and NO LONGER requires a Medical Clearance form unless the PARE Administrator believes the participant should be assessed by a physian prior to testing.  This is now consistent with all the other tests we offer.  As long as it was YOU who completed the booking and answered the questions on the Get Active Questionnaire in the booking process, you do not need a Medical Clearance form.  Medical Clearance forms are not required for any of tests unless we feel you need one (determined at the venue).

Q. Can I take the test more than once?

A. Yes. You can take the test as many times as you like. But each test you take requires a separate booking on a separate day.  For safety reasons (because the tests are quite strenuous), you can only run the test once per session.

Q. I can’t find a testing session date that suits me.  What can I do?
A. Contact the testing center through and they will see what they can do to accommodate you.

Q. How many people will be taking the test with me?

A. Normally, sessions are limited to 15 people max, and require a minimum of 6 people to hold a session.  If minimum numbers are not met, they will reschedule you at no cost to another session of your choosing.

Q. How long does the test take?
A. That depends on how many people we’re testing at your session. Expect to be at the venue for approximately 2 - 3 hours depending on group size.

Q. What will happen at the test?
1. We’ll get you checked in.
2. We’ll take your blood pressure.
3. We’ll thoroughly explain the test you’re about to take and demonstrate the various components of it, walking you through it as we do.
4. You'll do a 10-15 minute warm-up.
5. You’ll have an opportunity to practice the various components of the test until you’re comfortable performing them (usually about 15 - 30 minutes).  We'll spend time coaching you here as well.
6. You can now take the test! You will be given your time at the end of the test.  You'll also receive a detailed evaluation of your performance which breaks down each component and will identify any areas of weakness.  We then offer training suggestions on how to improve.

Q. What are the standard passing times for the tests?
• POPAT: 4:15
• PARE: 4:45
• SOPAT: 4:15
• COPAT in BC: 2:50
• COPAT in Alberta: 3:20

Q. Do you provide personal training to help improve my time?
A. We do not provide personal training.  We do have a training guide available on our website:  Prepare to Protect is a comprehensive training guide which will help get you bring your fitness levels up to the level required to pass your test.  

Q. How old do I have to be to participate in the testing?
A. You must be between 15 and 69. If you are under 19 yrs old, your parent or legal guardian must accompany you to the test to sign the required forms.

Q. I booked a test and can’t make it. Can I get my money refunded or re-schedule?
A. Unfortunately not.  Because the number of participants is limited at each test, and we also require a minimum number to run a session, your commitment to attending is important in the planning and running of our sessions.  Please be sure of your availability prior to booking the test.  There are no refunds or rescheduling if you can't make it, and you must also arrive prior to the start time - we don't wait for latecomers!  

Q. What is the overall environment at the testing?
A. Test Facilitators will provide an encouraging and helpful testing environment.  You should not be embarrassed in any way, and nobody will yell or scream at you (unless, of course, you want us to!).

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"As a correctional officer transferring to another department I could not have passed my physical without LEPAT.  You were beyond helpful, and the feedback I received was invaluable.  LEPAT is an extremely professional, and well run program.  I will be recommending LEPAT to any of my friends moving on into a law enforcement capacity without question.   Thank you again for everything you do, you TRULY gave me the edge I needed to move forward in the application process."

Sheldon H.  (Feb. 2016)


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