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The Arkansas State Police

Physical Fitness Standards

Does your agency understand what's important?

No one ever argues the benefits of physical fitness as it relates to officer safety.  It's why almost every law enforcement agency on the continent has a pre-employment physical fitnss standard which must be successfully completed by applicants.  However, many fitness standards are invalid from a legal standpoint and, therefore, expose employers to unnecessary liability.  A number of agencies have found themselves involved in litigation over their fitness standard because it wasn't developed in accordance with current labor regulations and guidelines.  Your agency doesn't want to be one of them: these litigations are costly, both financially and to your reputation.

Here are a few basic questions to determine if your agency might be unnecessarily at risk:

  • Is your current pre-employment or incumbent physical fitness standard using sit-ups, push-ups, bench press, rowing, or a 1.5 mile run?  These types of components are (highly) legally contentious and are not considered to be job-related and consistent with business necessity.


  • Has your current physical fitness standard been validated using approved research methods?  This is required of a legally defensible standard.


  • Is your current phyiscal fitness standard job-specific enough to minimize your risk of litigation?  How do you know?


  • Does your current physical fitness standard confrom to the guidelines of the EEOC, ADA, and Civil Rights Act?  A legally defensible standard must.


We help design your physical abilities & fitness standards

Through comprehensive, valid research and job-task analysis, we'll work with your agency to develop a valid, legally defensible physical fitness standard that conforms to the EEOC guidelines and requirements of the ADA and Civil Rights Act.

OR, select one of our already-developed and well researched fitness standards that have been in use by various agencies for decades.

We have the expertise in both law enforcement and research to develop physical standards that are based on bona-fide occupational requirements - the best way to minimize your liablity risk.


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Our Most Recent Client:

The Arkansas State Police



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