We manufacture, supply and customize your official testing equipment

For over 20 years, our manufacturing arm, PTM Equipment, has been manufacturing standardized physical testing and measurement components.   Our equipment is used by all Canadian law enforcement and now many in the USA and overseas.  We also offer custom design and manufacture of specialized testing components.  

PTM Equipment was merged into LEPAT in 2020, and we are now one company: Law Enforcement Physical Abilities Testing (LEPAT) Inc.





Very Helpful!

The opportunity to practice for the POPAT was incredibly valuable - I went 3 times! I can’t imagine trying to do the test without the familiarity and comfort provided by my practice sessions at LEPAT. I barely passed the POPAT during my first session with LEPAT, and through practice I was able to lower my time by a full 30 seconds!

Your advice and tips were very helpful in helping me to improve my time! Thanks!
~ Jon L.  (Nov., 2010)

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