Law Enforcement Physical Abilities Testing (LEPAT) was established in 2006.  We are experts in the field of standardized physical ability/fitness tests for the law enforcement community, whether it be police, sheriffs, troopers, or corrections.  All our tests are based on valid and legally defensible research that conforms to the guidelines of current labor law and best practices in both the USA and Canada.  

Our copyrighted* tests have been in use by law enforcement agencies across Canada and in many parts of the USA for over two decades, without a successful challenge.  Some of our tests include:

  • Police Officers' Pyhysical Abilities Test (POPAT) - used across Canada and in many US agencies
  • Sheriffs Officers' Physical Abilities Test (SOPAT)
  • Correctional Officers' Physical Abilities Test (COPAT)
  • Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT)
  • Arkansas Physical Abilities Test (ARPAT) - AR State Police
  • Physical Abilities Readiness Evaluation (PARE) - a modified version of the POPAT, used by the RCMP and some US agencies

LEPAT can help your agency bring its fitness testing standards into compliance with current laws and best practices.    We can coordinate the research at your agency, design a test specific to your agency's characteristics (based on the research data), provide testing components, and train your staff to administer it.  We also provide ongoing support for your staff should any issues arise.

For more info, please view our Test Design page, and/or contact us by using the form on this site.


* Tests designed or copyrighted by us can only be used with permission and under license.  For more information, please contact us.




  • We are the only company soley dedicated to the field of physical fitness and abilities testing specifically for the law enforcement community.
  • Our tests are based on valid and defensible research that conforms to research guidelines set out by the American Psychological Association (APA), and best practices as advised by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
  • Our tests are based on bona-fide occupational qualifications (identified through our research and job-task analyses), and therefore, are consistent with business necessity (as required by current labor and case law)
  • Our experience as operational police officers and use-of-force trainers gives us the practical knowledge that strictly academic researchers lack.  Because we are well versed in law enforcement control tactics and the experiences often faced by officers involved in critical incidents, we are more able to design a standard that is both realistic and legally defensible.
  • We work with you to cooperatively design a fitness standard that your agency will be comfortable with.
  • We work with PhD exercise physiologists and data analysts to ensure our research is academically sound.
  • No other company or organization has collected data from prisoners in both the USA and Canada to determine what their physical abilities are, which sets some of the parameters for our standards (based on the public's perception that law enforcement officers should be able to physically control the average suspect).
  • We stand behind our tests and testing components.  We won't be happy until you're happy.




Mission Statement

We understand the value of physical fitness as it relates to officer safety and are committed to helping all branches of law enforcement develop and maintain job-related, legally defensible physical fitness standards for pre-employment and incumbent testing.


Vision Statement

To earn the trust of law enforcement agencies across North America and be the premier resource for pre and post employment physical fitness standards in the industry.



"Thank you for helping me achieve a better score (COPAT).  I'll be back for the PARE soon!"

Isaac B.  (Feb. 2016)

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