POPAT- Description Of Test

Police officer physical ability test

Station 1:  400 metre Mobility/Agility Run

This station tests both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.  The participant will complete six (6) laps of the circuit for a total distance of 400 metres.  The circuit involves running around cones, long- jumping a distance of 6 feet, running up and down 6 stairs, and jumping over 2 x 18" high hurdles.  This forms the getting to the problem part of the test.

Station  2:  Physical Control Simulator (the Pull and Push Station)

This station involves demonstrating the ability to control 80 lbs of resistance while moving through 180° arcs.  This first part of this station is the Pull-phase.  The participant grasps a rope on the Physical Control Simulator (PCS) and pulls the weight stack (80 lbs total) off its resting position.  While keeping the weight stack off the resting position, the participant moves through the machine-controlled, 180° arc 6 times.

Once the Pull-phase is completed successfully, the participant grabs the bar on the PCS and pushes the weight stack off its resting postion.  With the weight off the resting position, the participant moves through six 180° arcs as in the Pull.

The Pull-Push station is the first half of the resolving the problem part of the test.

Station 3:  Modified Squat-Thrust-and-Stand and Vault Rail

This station involves a modified Squat-Thrust-and-Stand (STAS) activity - a 'burpee' - followed by jumping over a 3' (.91 m) vault rail.  From the Pull-Push Station, the participant moves to Station 3 and begins by doing a STAS so that the chest and hips touch the mat.  The participant then stands and vaults over the rail, touching the rail with only the hands.  Landing on the feet with balance and control, the participant then does a reverse STAS (to end up on your back) so that the shoulder blades, hips, and heels touch the mat.  The participant then stands and vaults over the rail and repeats the activity until a total of 10 Squat-Thrust-and-Stands (5 to the front, 5 to the back) and 9 Vaults are completed.  Once the participant finishes the last STAS and stands up in a balanced position, the time is stopped.  This ends the timed portion of the test.

This station is the second half of the resolving the problem part of the test.

Sation 4:  Weight Carry

This station is not part of the timed portion of the test, but is necessary to successfully complete in order to pass.  A rest period of 30 seconds is given between the end of Station 3 and the start of this station.

The participant must pick up a torso bag weighing 100 lbs and carry the bag in a controlled manner a distance of 25'.  The bag must be carried so that it is always in front of the participant, above the knees, and must be grasped by the hands only.  A proper lifting and carrying technique must be used.

This station is the removing the problem part of the test, and is the last activity that must be completed.

To pass the POPAT, the participant must perform all activities as per the defined protocal and complete the timed portion of the test within 4:15 minutes, and then demonstrate the ability to lift and carry the 100 lb torso bag a distance of 50'.


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The first time I ran the PARE at LEPAT my time was 3:35, the second time at LEPAT was 3:15 and my third official time with the RCMP was 3:06. Couldn't have done it without your services and you definitely give great tips to reduce time and distance. Thanks so much and I will be back before DEPOT for some more training.
~ Barry M. (March 2012)


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