LEPAT is the place to practice your physical ability test.  We’ve been doing this for over 11 years.  Our experience in law enforcement and recruiting is the reason we started.  We know how important it is to be prepared, confident, and fit when entering your application process.

When you come to LEPAT, you will practice your test to the exact standards prescribed by the official protocols.  We know what they are, because we own them and maintain them!  We also have all the required equipment and ample space requirements to give you the best experience anywhere.

And, when you attend LEPAT practice sessions, we don't just run you through a test and boot you out the door!  We spend time with you (as much as you need), teaching you tips and techniques to maximize efficiency, avoid penalties, and get the best time possible.  We also break down every component into time intervals so that we can identify what areas you might be struggling in, so that you will know where to focus your training!

Practice tests cost $69.50.


Here are some general tips to help you before you arrive

1.  You should already be training on a regular basis, at least 3x per week

2.  You should be training both your anaerobic and your aerobic cardiovasuclar systems

3.  Leg strength, core strength, and upper body strength are all important - be sure you are training these areas as well

4.  Wear clean & dry running shoes with good tread for your testing session.  Shoes with worn out treads or that have excessive dirt embedded in the soles reduce traction for the pulling and pushing phase of the test.  Good footwear is important!


Looking to improve your fitness for the test?  Check out our Prepare to Protect training program!

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I found your suggestions and coaching a big help and it all added up to give me a good PARE time. Also just the opportunity to do a couple of practice runs was a huge confidence booster so when I did go to run the PARE I was a lot more relaxed than I might have been otherwise.
~ Clifford P.  June '07


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