Weight Adjustable Torso Bag








The WeightAdjustable Torso Bag is used in justice and public safety standardized physical abilities testing and reflects on hand grip, elbow flexor, back, and leg strength.  It is primarily designed to measure the ability to lift and drag a person (as in an "officer-down rescue", the extraction of someone from an area of danger, or moving an ucooperative prisoner in or out of a cell or transportvehicle) without the need for expensive "dummies".  

It also provides an appearance of fairness for test particpants over an acutal "dummy drag";  a shorter person will have more drag coefficient (more of the dummy's body on the floor) than a taller person will).  The Torso Bag requires all test participants to carry the same weight in exactly the same manner.   It is weight-adjustable to 100 lbs but can be made heavier upon request.  At 100 lbs, the Torso Bag is roughly the same weight as the torso of the average male person.  

The Torso Bag is also an excellent component for work hardening or rehabilitative programs.


Speed and strength are both critical for passing the POPAT, but so is technique. Practicing with LEPAT helped me get through the push/pull. When I did it for the first time I had a lot of problems with it, but after I was shown how to do it properly the push/pull was something I could become confident in! Knowing what to expect and how to do it will ease your mind and allow you to focus on getting a competitive time!
~ Jennier M.  (June 2014)

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